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IKEA solar desk lamp $19.99 – Great Idea!!

I have to say, and I’m not usually one to share, but everyone should know about this. If you don’t you are a fool. It’s about my other half, the one that I never give credit to, the one who is never right about anything. It’s also about a desk lamp from IKEA. That’s right a desk lamp. Don’t question, don’t laugh. Just read.

Mid Saturday afternoon, IKEA maze, about a quarter of the way in from the start. He sees it. I see the look in his eyes. I’ve seen the look in his eyes three times already today and three times already we have debated why we don’t need another funky swivel chair, mouse pad and office desk. So here it goes again. The scene is the same, a smile and those four special words, “Honey, check this out!”

This time it’s an IKEA desk lamp and he was hooked by the glow.  According to him this was no ordinary desk lamp. It was a solar desk lamp and even thought we had lamps on each bed side table, in the study, living and dining room we didn’t have a solar desk lamp – and only $19.99.

I wasn’t having any of it. I mean a solar desk lamp – what a gimmick!

We walked past slowly after our lovers’ quarrel. This time I lost and he proudly paraded his stupid solar desk lamp through the rest of IKEA to the check out. That night he also slept on the lounge couch with his stupid solar desk lamp.

The next day I came home to him cooking under the IKEA solar light, he used it in the study and then in the bathroom before going to bed. It is actually a good lamp – and its consumption cost is $0. Free electricity… Dollar signs flashed in front of my eyes. Amazing, I was so excited – he saw the look in my eyes and when I asked to try the solar desk lamp he told me to get my own. He slept on the couch again that night with his solar desk lamp.

The next weekend I bought my own IKEA solar desk lamp – all 6 of them. The best buy ever. There is a permanent one in the walk in robe, one in the lounge for watching TV, one in each toilet and bathroom and one by my bed. During the day I take out their batteries and leave on my car dash to charge. At night I have free electricity (for life!!) – take that Julia “Carbon Tax” Gillard.

I have to say for once he was right – did you hear that honey?

LINK: Great Idea from IKEA – solar desk lamps only $19.99!!

LINK: Other funky versions – know of any others? Post link below

LINK: Review on IKEA – solar desk lamp light production


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